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Our Purpose

We are the organization to help build successful individuals and families.

Cognition Builders moves you through every stage of life no matter where you stand. Learn piece by piece how to navigate each conversation, transition and challenge life brings.

The family is life’s greatest annuity, it’s time to invest.

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Building Relationships & Possibilities



Family is the best investment we can ever make

Cognition Builders’ Family Architects — specialists at the intersection of education and psychology — teach you how to become an expert in the field of your personal life. Our Family Architects accommodate your lifestyle with a live in or live out option to better align with your customized plan.

90 percent of all our Family Architects, Cognitive Companions, and Educationists have advanced degrees.

Cognition Builders’ Family Architects work with you to design a program that creates a strong foundation for life. Some programs span the course of a week; others, an entire developmental phase. We guide everything from the people we are, to the people we know, to the people our children become.

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 We help people navigate life’s real challenges

We work on an individualized basis to instruct you on the fundamentals of family wellbeing.
Your Family Architect will:

  • live in or live out
  • listen & observe
  • restructure family life to create a healthier environment
  • tailored programs ensure results-oriented living
  • be there for your family; wherever, whenever

We are professional fixers. We immerse ourselves in the homes and lives of our clients as a fly on the wall to catch the minutia that others miss. We walk through closed doors and permeate the barriers of biases as well as secondhand knowledge to fix life’s problems at the very heart of their occurrence. With the completeness of our presence, we see our clients through — whether life-shattering or every day — all the trials and tribulations that come with the human experience.

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Substitution of language and behavior is the key

All relationships can feel like rocket science: we teach you the fundamentals of making them work. We see you through daily life to provide total and immersive instruction.

In real-time, we work on altering the relational interactions: language, behaviors and habits.

Our Family Architects address every single action and phrase, helping you move towards the happy home, family and life you want.

We provide improved communication to ensure your day-to-day interactions are as smooth, productive and happy as they possibly can be.

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Family Food Architects

In real time we teach you to think this, not that, do this, not that, and say this, not that, to alter nutritional selections to best align with your lifestyle goals. We are your agents of change; with you in your everyday environment to ensure that your goals will be met.

We are the eyes and ears of your nutritionists, dietitians, doctors and mental health experts. We implement and track your adherence to nutritional instructions, all in the comfort of your home.


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Say This, Not That To Your Teenage Daughter: The Pocket Guide to Everyday Conversations

Say This, Not That by Ilana Kukoff & Jessica Yuppa Huddy

If you’re the parent of a teenage girl, then it’s likely you never say the right thing. Ever. Say This, Not That (To Your Teenage Daughter) is your convenient, pocket-sized guide to asking and answering questions, starting conversations, and filling in the silence with your teen.

Say This, Not That (To Your Teenage Daughter) is based on the work of Cognition Builders, a 164-person firm that teaches families all over the globe how to have constructive conversations. The authors have selected the most common and confounding conversational quandaries families face, and solved them for you. Chapters in this little treasure cover a variety of situations familiar to any parent of teenage girls, such as: When She’s In a Mood; When Her Heart Is Broken; When the Phone Becomes an Appendage; and When She’s “Totally Stressed Out.”

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