Who We Are

We are a global organization that employs a specialized team to resolve the behavioral, intellectual, social, emotional, cognitive and academic needs of individuals and families. Our team members provide support and education anywhere clients need us – from New York to California, Shanghai to Zurich. Our team of Family Architects consists of hundreds dedicated individuals who are committed to providing premiere individualized services. Our clientele is comprised of successful individuals, families, and companies. Clients seek our guidance, education and motivation to help address and improve the conflicts that unfortunately crack through the foundations of everyday life.

Our aim is to help families rebuild their communication and functional systems to produce an environment that promotes successful wellbeing and behavior.

Building Families Globally


Everywhere. anywhere.

Cognition Builders unprecedented global reach has placed us in every time zone. From New York to Switzerland and India to Australia, our range of support and intervention knows no bounds. In person and remote intervention transpires during your everyday routines and in your everyday environments. From home to school to the workplace, we serve individuals, corporations and families any time they need us.


Now. everyday. 24/7.

Family Architects design schedules to suit the personal and pragmatic needs of our clients. We are available round the clock.

Build Your Own Healthy Family

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