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Building Your Best Benefits Program

Cognition Builders partners with corporations across the globe to provide in-home social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive support for employees and their families.

Research states that a more stable, healthy home life leads to lower stress and higher work productivity.

Our corporate wellness programs offer individualized, education-based instruction to your employees, so that they can learn the strategies, language and behavior for building a happy and healthy life.

Curricula, instruction and daily support is customized to address individual’s and family’s unique needs. Improve communication style, develop parenting skills, support a child’s cognitive development, decrease problematic behaviors, strengthen marital bonds, or resolve personal and familial conflicts through our individualized programs.

Individualized Support

Cognition Builders Family Architects equip individuals and families with practical, in-vivo or remote support for all of life’s challenges and developmental stages. Clients receive a customized, education-based program developed specifically for them and their family. Real-time support is provided in-vivo, remotely, or both to accommodate our clients’ lifestyles and clients can choose to have their Family Architect live-in or live-out to provide around-the-clock support.

Metrics-Based Reporting

Our team tracks client growth through copious daily notes, monthly overviews, and curricula-based assessments.

In-Home Programs

Cognition Builders’ In-Home Programs are individually designed to suit the varying needs of each client while supporting their social, emotional and behavioral growth.

Family Architects

While in the client’s natural environment, Family Architects use their expertise to facilitate independent functioning and healthy familial relationships. Alongside our curricula, we provide both language and behavioral support and replacement — both interpersonal and intrapersonal — to promote functional communication as a means of targeting maladaptive interactions.

Family Architects will also coordinate care with mental health professionals allowing them to guide the support to their clients with comprehensive, collaborative and holistic assistance.

Cognitive Companions

Cognition Builders’ Cognitive Companions are experts on learning how to learn. Peer-matched Cognitive Companions work with teens, adults and young adults to support all manner of executive functioning, social skills, and/or independent living. Whether an individual has been diagnosed with learning differences, struggles to impress at an interview, or isn’t ready for life’s next steps, Cognition Builders’ Cognitive Companions help build the specific skills needed for success.

Failure to Launch

Through Cognition Builders’ Failure to Launch program, Cognitive Companions help emerging adults to leave the nest — and thrive. Whether contending with a lack of direction, motivation, or skills competency, Cognitive Companions instructs clients on the discipline of becoming your own person.


Through Cognition Builders’ Wingman program, Cognitive Companions help clients get their social lives back on track. Whether they’re contending a recent divorce, death of a spouse or loved one, relocation to a new city, or difficulty entering and maintaining a serious relationship, Cognition Builders’ Failure to Launch Program teaches clients to make and master every interaction life demands.

Family Food Architects

Cognition Builders’ Family Food Architects provide the structure, discipline, and accountability needed to build healthy nutritional habits. Whether in the home, at the grocery store, out to dinner, at a party, or even on a college campus, Cognition Builders’ Food Family Architects are with our clients wherever they need to make challenging nutritional choices.

Like our Family Architects, our Family Food Architects are available 24/7.

Remote and Short-Term Programs

Scenes From a Family

Cognition Builders’ Scenes From A Family allows us to work remotely and be the proverbial fly on the wall during the difficult hours — whenever they are — to provide the intervention each family needs through streaming services. Many of our families use NestCam in their homes to stream and record the events that transpire.

Cameras are placed in all communal areas of the home, to give a bird’s-eye view of family life. During scheduled times, the client’s Family Architect will watch what transpires and guide the family through the ongoing events with real-time support. Through the NestCam speaker feature or through bluetooth technology, direct prompting and language substitution are provided in real-time.

 Cogntion Builders’ Family BootCamps

Cognition Builders’ Family BootCamps are designed for our families that need a “jump start” on healthier family dynamics. Cognition Builders/Say This, Not That: Intensives whip families quickly into shape over the course of a week or weekend to change their social, emotional, behavioral, marital, academic and intellectual outcomes — for the better. Family Architects and Cognitive Companions lead a crash course in what to say, what to think, and how to behave.

Our In-Home Intensives are provided for individual families, in the comfort of their home. Before the onset, families tell us where they’re struggling and what’s gone awry. Once the family architect arrives, we provide our own direct observations and recommendations. Change transpires rapidly as we while we create structures, routines, behavioral system, and implement our curricula from day one.

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Who Are Our Families

Our unprecedented global reach has placed us in every time zone. From New York to Switzerland and India to Australia, our range of support knows no bounds.

We work with:

  • families
  • couples
  • adults
  • children

We help individuals and families create a nutritional program that is effective in meeting their dietary and health needs. We ensure our clients adhere to the program, and provide the support to engender lasting change. Our clients are referred to us from experts in the fields of nutrition and medicine, including but not limited to: endocrinologists, rheumatologists, psychiatrists, cardiologists, nutritionists, dietitians, and various treatment centers.


Everywhere. anywhere.

From home to the grocery store to restaurants, we serve individuals and families any time they need us.


Now. everyday. 24/7.

Family Food Architects design schedules to suit the personal and pragmatic needs of our clients. We are available round the clock.

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