Cognition Builders In-Home Programs

Cognition Builders In-Home Programs are individually designed to suit the varying needs of each client while supporting their seminal, social, emotional and behavioral growth. While in the clients natural environment, the family architect you choose will use behavioral tenets to facilitate independent functioning and healthy familial relationships. Alongside our educational curricula, we provide both language and behavioral support and replacement — both interpersonal and intrapersonal — to promote functional communication as a means of targeting maladaptive interactions.

Family Architects work with our child and adolescent clients, within a family system. Family Architects:
  • establish structure
  • improve communication
  • outline concrete expectations
  • promote follow through
  • increase independent functioning
  • increase compliance
  • support emotional development
  • build healthy familial and social relationships 
We go with your child to any and every environment in which they are struggling – home, soccer practice, art classes, school and more – to teach the necessary skills for success.

Cognitive Companions

Cognitive Companions are peer-matched with adult clients in need of support for navigating their social, professional, romantic, or academic life. Our Cognitive Companions work with adult and young adult clients on the specific skills needed for success in all their areas of challenge. Cognitive Companions support our clients in all manners of:

  • executive functioning 
  • social skills
  • relational skills
  • independent living
  • professional development
  • transitioning to a new stage of life

Our Cognitive Companions see our adult clients through their challenges and responsibilities, until they have mastered the language and behaviors necessary to function confidently in each arena. 

Cognition Builders Educationist Program

Cognition Builders Educationist Program is designed to guide students in learning how to learn. Through our educational curricula, we teach students the necessary skills to learn in any and all contexts, from high school to college and beyond. In conjunction with our curricula, our educationists provide exam specific tutoring for the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and private school entrance exams, for atypical learners. We provide extensive daily notes so that parents are aware of what their student is learning and why. 90 percent of all our Family Architects, Cognitive Companions, and Educationists have advanced degrees.

Cognition Builders Transitional Programs

Cognition Builders Transitional Programs are for individuals that are transitioning from a therapeutic boarding school, wilderness program, or other residential placement. When growth occurs and skills are mastered in one environment, continued support is necessary to ensure the generalization of those skills to a new environment. Most often, a return to the home is followed by a brief “honeymoon” period and then a reemergence of previous behaviors and habits. Cognition Builders’ Family Architects immerse themselves into the home to ensure individuals and families don’t fall into their previous habits and interactions by providing structure, support, and skill building.

Marriage Architects

Cognition Builders’ Marriage Architects guide couples through committed relationships of every stage; from introductions to dating, engagement, nuptials, and married life. Marriage Architects implement individualized programs, teaching couples step-by-step to resolve conflict, improve communication, increase alignment, and enrich their romance, leaving them with a healthier and more gratifying relationship.

Cognition Builders BootCamps

Cognition Builders BootCamps are designed for our families that need a “jump start” in getting themselves onto the path toward a happier, healthier family dynamic. Our BootCamps can be done for individual families in the comfort of their home while we create a structural systems and implement our curricula. We also offer group BootCamps to groups during which we divide the group according to age and stage of life they’re currently in. Following BootCamp, families have the option of continuing with in-home services or remote services, if they would like continued support.

Cognition Builders Scenes From A Family

Cognition Builders’ Scenes From A Family is a parent-focused program that serves as a remote, more affordable alternative for our in-home programs. Our expert Family Architects complete a comprehensive review of client needs to design a tailored, curriculum-based program to address the in-home needs of a family. Each program includes individualized step-by-step instructions for parents to facilitate change within their homes and families.
Once a program has been developed, the Family Architect provides one-on-one support to parents and caregivers on a daily or weekly basis to implement skills-training, deliver feedback, answer questions, address problems that arise, and adapt the program as necessary.

Cognition Builders Adulting Bootcamp

Cognition Builders Adulting Bootcamp is for every parent who wishes their teenager or young adult could take a crash course in growing up. Covering everything from apartment hunting, to paying taxes, to deciphering insurance policies, Cognition Builders’ Adulting Bootcamp is a comprehensive intensive on all things adult. Our Cognitive Companions teach emerging adults the specifics of managing their responsibilities — old and new — successfully and independently. Customize your course to focus on the big ticket items in your life, to fill in the gaps of what there’s not enough time to teach in high school or college, or to contend with an unexpected life event. Students will learn how to organize, structure and fulfill adult duties; whether they’re practical, professional, financial, social, academic, organizational or all of the above. Over the course of our Adulting intensive, we provide curricula to build skills, increase competency and develop organizational systems that set the stage for long-term change. After the program, students can continue to access the curricula.

Cognition Builders MyConsult Services

Cognition Builders MyConsult Services is an online service that offers tailored consultations for parents, doctors, education consultants, and mental health professionals that are looking to create an in-home program to address varying needs of an individual or family. Our expert consultants will complete a comprehensive review of client needs to design individualized, curricula-based programs that outline specific interventions for to address each and every need. These step-by-step programs are easy to follow guides that can be used by any team you choose to facilitate change within the home. MyConsult Services also available on an ongoing basis as necessary to ensure long-term success of the program that we design.

Cognition Builders New Beginnings Program

Cognition Builders New Families Program teaches families the fundamentals of parenting through each stage of early parenthood; from prenatal to pregnancy, birth, infancy, and beyond. Having a child presents a myriad of changes and new challenges. In this program, families learn how to navigate their next chapter while creating a healthy home environment. As families go about their daily lives, we’re alongside them, teaching them how to communicate effectively, manage their growing responsibilities, and build their best family life. Our individualized curriculum teaches families how to create and meet long-term goals, measuring progress at each stage.

Nuclear Nannies

Cognition Builders’ Nuclear Nannies Bootcamp teaches nannies how to better support your family. In this crash course, and through our proprietary curricula, your nanny will learn how to help you set strong habits, encourage positive interactions, and deal with noncompliance effectively. The outcome is a healthier, happier home for all.

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