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What We Do

Education Based Intervention

Our programs feature lessons designed to guide you or your child through to mastery — of any and every skill that life demands. 90 percent of all our Family Architects, Cognitive Companions, and Educationists have advanced degrees to assist you on your journey.

Our curricula comprises over 2,000 programs, broken up into all of life’s categories: cognitive, pragmatic, emotional, marital, social and academic.  Cognition Builders teaches you to learn how to learn.

Whether you or your family are:

  • overwhelmed by daily responsibilities
  • in need of self-esteem building
  • learning how to meet academic, professional or personal deadlines
  • navigating any romantic relationship stage
  • applying for college
  • failing to launch
  • diagnosed with a developmental delay
  • learning how to achieve greater creative, professional and social enrichment

Cognition Builders provides specific lessons on just how you do that.

Every program in our portfolio shares a key objective: to teach. Customized for each client, we give you the language and behaviors you need to navigate whatever challenge your life presents.

Why Family Architects?

Our Family Architects are experts in the fields of the human condition; from the unexpected big-ticket items life throws at us, to the daily common occurrence. Your needs will determine the Family Architect you’re matched with. Choose to have your Family Architect live in or live out based on your tailor-made customized program.

Our global team of Family Architects are strategically placed in over 6 continents to be there where you need us, wherever that may be.

Family Architects lead the design and construction of sound family dynamics. Their role is an interactive one, at the intersection of psychology and education.


Your individualized program equips you to conquer any and every developmental stage of life. For the divorced, we are strategists of the next chapter. For the family in crisis, we are collaborative designers of the “New Normal.”

Learning Differences

For adults and children with developmental delays, we are facilitators of independence and creators of structure. In addition to working through curricula, Family Architects devise daily routines and schedules, developed specifically for your needs. As the individual progresses, harnessing new skills for independence, their program is adapted to strengthen and expand their new gains.

Social Engagement

Whether you struggle with interaction or simply need grade-A preparation, we are your conversational and social wing-men. Think of us as your personal Cyrano de Bergerac. Peer-matched Family Architects go with you or your child, seamlessly blending in unnoticed at the daunting social outing, presentation, after-school activity or cocktail party. In person or remotely we provide dialogue to conquer any scenario, and along the way, you’ll master the tactics.

Learn About Our Programs

Learning That Lasts

College Contender

For the college applicant, whether or not you experience learning differences, we are your personal resource on all things “accepted.” Family Architects see you through every stage of the prep and application process. They offer you explicit instruction on how to ace your exams, compose standout essays and transition emotionally and organizationally into college life.

Failure to Launch

For the twenty-something who’s flown begrudgingly back to the nest, we are here to plot your ascent. For millennials combating the plight of failure to launch, we provide the tactics to be turnkey ready for young adulthood. Whether it’s learning how to wisely research an apartment, budget your student loans, prepare for a marriage (or breakup), relocate, or write a killer resume, we teach you how to meet success at every turn.

Scarlett O’Hara Syndrome

For the individual who struggles to find contentment – met with dissatisfaction but unable to find its source – is the Scarlett O’Hara Program. Family Architects help you to build sustainable strategies for a more gratifying life. Your FA will show you where you’re acting out of force of habit, then teach you how to reshape your routines with structure and goal-setting.

Charting Your Growth

Family Architects track your progress through the daily composition of copious observational notes, instruction and feedback. From start to finish, you’re equipped with the metrics to measure your status, as you move closer and closer to reaching your personalized goals.


The real time rate of intervention need not transpire in person.

Our Family Architects are pioneering all platforms of intervention strategy. Our immersive and adaptive design offers round the clock and remote intervention. Through live streaming or bluetooth technology, Family Architects intercede as if they were at your side, guiding your daily conversations from anywhere in the world. Immersive, immediate intervention and no one will ever know we’re there.

Our Scenes From a Family Service

Here’s how it works:

  • streaming devices are established in your home communal areas
  • you set the schedule and tell us when to observe: whether it’s after school or during family holiday visits
  • your Family Architect will log in, watch what transpires, in real time or past time
  • we analyze and get a hold of your missteps

Our Clients

Who Do We Help

Who Are Our Families

From the moment they rise, everywhere from New York, to California, from Shanghai to Zurich hundreds of Cognition Builders’ valued team members are called upon by A-listers, politicians, CEOs, and CFOs to eliminate the conflicts which crack the foundations of everyday life.

We work with:

  • families
  • couples
  • adults
  • children

Our clients work with Cognition Builders when they’ve hit a wall and what they’ve been doing just isn’t working anymore. We help people and families get un-stuck, build a foundation for future growth and a realization that there IS a different way.


Everywhere. anywhere.

Cognition Builders unprecedented global reach has placed us in every time zone. From New York to Switzerland  and India to Australia, our range of support and intervention knows no bounds. In person and remote intervention transpires during your everyday routines and in your everyday environments. From home to school to the workplace, we serve individuals, corporations and families any time they need us.


Now. everyday. 24/7.

Family Architects design schedules to suit the personal and pragmatic needs of our clients. We are available round the clock.

Build Your Own Healthy Family

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